Azure AZ300 Series – Virtual Networks

A vNet provides a logical isolation inside the Azure Cloud that is dedicated to your subscription. A vNet needs a few things. Standard things like the names subscription details etc. Let’s look at the Address Space. The default Address Base… Continue Reading →

Azure AZ300 Series – Storage Accounts

Creating a new storage account is straight forward. Give it a name and location. Another selection if the type if performance required. Standard or Premium. Standard refers to the magnetic storage and premium refers t the SSD. But the premium… Continue Reading →

Azure AZ300 Series – Analysing Resource Utilisation & Consumption

Azure monitor is a dashboard for all of the diagnostics activities within the Azure account to monitor applications and the infrastructure all in one place. One the main features of the monitor is to be able to create a baseline… Continue Reading →

Azure AZ300 Series – VM – Encrypting a Virtual Machine